Straw hat, rush – great accessories for tourist season



Straw hat, rush – great accessories for tourist season

Personalities, sweet or romantic, whether you like the style, simply select a type of sedge hat, the perfect accessory to help you become more radiant and attractive.

Choose bright summer hat nice catch
Hats and bags rush – Standard accessories for summer

You do not think the new hairstyle for the summer? and also do not have any time to go shopping outfit or accessory for upcoming travel plans? So, a straw hat (hat sedge) are great resources for you to quickly change the appearance and style of your there.

Chapeau de Paille (straw hat) is a type of hat is extremely popular in France as well as in Europe. Derived from braided straw hat style for those who work in agriculture and farms, this type of hat over hundreds of years have countless variations to now become a favorite accessory of how deeply you children love fashion.

Each country or area has a shape style straw hat with distinct characteristics and each fashion season, variations in designs, colors and decor this exponential difference that it’s trendy and trend.

Style straw hat low, flat cap, brim hard popular in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium

Style straw hat fedora simulation design characteristics her style of France

Style straw hat (sedge) coarse knit, round cap, hugged and wide brim, drapey – image of the Latin American girls tan, healthy and sexy

Here is the style straw hat (rush) the most prevalent summer 2011 fashion season that Beautiful Forum would recommend to you. Generous, unique, and powerful personality, just choose the right type of helmet face shape and your style best okay.

Style straw hat (sedge) simulation designs fedora of the eyebrow whiskers

These colors like white, ivory, yellow straw, brown ground … and cloth ribbons, rim caps are usually black, burn, gray, brown, cloth balls, cotton or leather You can choose the type of coronary short, long or custom rims bend in style outfit you wear

Straw fedora hat designs with countless variations of colors, brimmed hat tassels, fringing bow hat …only retained the classic design cap

Type woven straw hats wide hole, round cap, short brim, piece appropriate for her femininity, romance

Or the style straw hat, rush, ultra wide-brimmed nan suitable for marine girlfriend tourist season