We have been specializing in manufacturing and exporting the traditional handmade products, which are made from natural and friendly environment materials as rattan, bamboo, sea-grass, water hyacinth, etc.

Have been well-known worldwide for the natural beauty, unique styles as well as good workmanship, our products are the skilful combination to create nice and convenient products for daily use, home appliance and decoration.

All steps, from selection of raw material to the packaging manners to be used, is determined and done according to our process and under our quality controlling system in order to guarantee the best outcome on our products.

The customers are the “lifeblood” of our business. And the key to our success is the high quality products, competitive price, good service, also our well organization. For that reasons, surely all buyer’s requirement will be met.

To enhance friendship, close relation and further cooperation with the customers is our sincere wish. Any ideas or comment from partners will be considered a precious support to our growth.